About our olive oil

Extra virgin olive oil is the highest quality of olive oil. It is the “juice” of olives, produced by mechanical means only, without undergoing any chemical treatment. It is a unique, traditional, Mediterranean mainly product whose quality is directly intertwined with the way of cultivation, the way and the time of harvesting, oiling, and storage.

Olive oil as produced in “Trikorfos” as well as in the wider region of Messinia has excellent quality characteristics: very low acidity and its excellent organoleptic characteristics (aroma, taste). These are the result of  high sunshine and the dry climate that prevails in the area, especially during the autumn-winter period when the oil is formed in the fruit.

The producers contribute significantly to the achievement of the excellent quality of the specific olive oil with their diligent cultivation care and rational fight against the enemies and diseases of the olives, as well as the proper and fast harvesting. Additional effort is put in the shortening of the time between harvest and  pressing of the olives as well as the conditions of proper management by the local mill which are important technical factors that contribute decisively to the excellent quality.

The preservation of the olive oil is done as a rule, in suitable stainless-steel containers in warehouses with low environment temperatures, in proper packaging from a suitable opaque material.

Kalamata Olives

The favorable soil / climate conditions and the special microclimate of the area give us the “Kalamata olives”, special quality and taste characteristics, the large olive  shape, beautiful black color that is obtained from the tree, rich taste, and hard texture. Harvesting, pruning, and weed control are some of the secrets of producing the excellent quality of “Kalamata olives”

In addition, the know-how and experience of “Kalamata olives” producers who use the most modern and proven methods of rational production management contribute significantly to the upgraded quality of the product.

“Kalamata olives” are harvested one by one! At the appropriate ripening period, in a  traditional way, after high-quality selection, olives are led to the process of natural fermentation, with full supervision throughout the process, so the negative effects of microbiological and physicochemical parameters are avoided and all aromas and taste of the olives are kept fresh.

Particular emphasis is given on optimizing and maintaining our facilities and equipment.

 The extra virgin olive oil of the “Κoroneiki” variety and the olives grown in the region of Kalamata are PDO products with upgraded nutrition, as they are rich in antioxidants, vitamins, tocopherols, and polyphenols.  

“Interreg MED Programme”  is performing currently scientific research in the perfecture of Messinia (Kalamata is its capital) for Aristoil, which is expected to be published very soon and supports the health claims of our products.


Trikorfo is a former community in Messenia , Peloponnese , Greece .

Since the 2011 local government reform it is part of the municipality Messini, of which it is a municipal unit and has an area of 42.938 km2.

The average altitude of Trikorfo village is 398 meters. It is famous place because of the extra quality of olives.  Predominantly a farming region, the principal exports include kalamata olives, olive oil and figs.

The community was divided into Trikorfo, Mavros Logkos, Chilia Spitia, Draina Klima, Koromilea, Palaiokastro, Kinigos. Trikorfo village is also known as Pentias. Common family names in Trikorfo include Skoufis and Katsipodas.